Latest update: 13/02/2017

We are here for you

The Centre for Medical Genetics (CMG) is one of the key units of UZ Brussel, the university hospital of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Our centre is one of eight in Belgium where genetic research is carried out.
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Our mission

The CMG aims to provide a high-quality programme of care for its patients by running its clinics efficiently. Our key values are:

  • providing (correct and understandable) information
  • providing an accurate diagnosis, and
  • respectfully guiding patients

In its laboratories the CMG aims to carry out innovative, high-technological research to the very highest quality standards. This involves both applied diagnostic research and scientific research.

Each centre linked to a university and university hospital has an educational role. To fulfil this:

  • some doctors and staff members teach at the faculty of medicine and pharmacy of the VUB and the colleges of higher education in Brussels,
  • we guide students and interns from various universities and faculties as well as colleges of higher education,
  • we organise seminars that are open to all students, researchers and clinicians,
  • we regularly organise lectures for the general public
  • and we provide informative activities for our patients.