Latest update: 27/06/2017

Types of consultations

In medical genetics we distinguish between two crucial phases of a person's life:

  • prenatal: before birth, and
  • postnatal: after birth.

In the first case we examine:
In a postnatal consultation we see a patient as a baby, child, adolescent or adult.

Psychological support of patients

The suspicion of a genetic disorder for which you are tested may cause anxiety and result in psychological complaints.
Often, considerable time passes before you have a final diagnosis. For you, the patient, this waiting period is probably a difficult and uncertain period.
And if it turns out you do have a genetic disorder or it has affected one of your relatives you may need support to accept this.
A genetic diagnosis also has practical and administrative consequences. We also try to find solutions for this.

This is why a good multidisciplinary framework is an important aspect of our consultations for you, the patient. Our geneticists are often assisted by a psychosocial worker during consultations, either:

  • a social health worker,
  • a psychologist, 
  • in the event of a PGD treatment, the PGD counsellor,
  • or a genetic counsellor.

This does not involve any extra costs: psychosocial counselling is included in the doctor-geneticist's consultation.

The psychosocial worker often sits in at the intake interview already. Over the course of your treatment or tests to assess your genetic risk, this person will help you with all your questions and concerns.
Depending on your medical situation and needs, you may be seen individually by a psychosocial worker.
Finally, the psychosocial worker may also come to the discussion of the results of the genetic tests and/or the final consultation with the doctor-geneticist.

In the event of PGD, the (genetic) 'PGD' counsellor co-ordinates your treatment at the same time.
If you are a prospective parent with a genetic predisposition you will have fertility treatment and be supported by counsellor of the CRG, UZ Brussel's fertility clinic. The PGD counsellor is responsible for streamlining the genetic part of your treatment, more specifically the genetic diagnosis of your embryos. She is there for you if you have any questions. She is also responsible for your treatment plan at the CMG and ensures everything follows seamlessly at the CRG.