Latest update: 15/05/2017

Development of the PGD test

As soon as the CMG has all the necessary reports and samples and has identified the genetic abnormality, the development of the PGD test begins. The aim of this is to obtain a reliable genetic diagnosis on one or more cells from an embryo.
The time taken to develop the PGD test varies at present from a few weeks – for common indications – to eight months or longer – in rare or new indications.

Please do not become pregnant spontaneously

Once we start developing the PGD test, we ask you to have only protected intercourse and stop any attempt to become pregnant without our assistance. This is because the develop-ment of a test is individual and time-consuming.
Furthermore a natural pregnancy does not allow the bene-fit of an advance genetic diagnosis of the developing baby.
However, if you do become pregnant in the test development period, of course you can decide to have a prenatal diagnosis.