Latest update: 11/05/2017

Practical details of the PGD treatment

Coordination and appointments

During the first phase of PGD treatment all appointments are arranged via the PGD coordinator, by telephone or email. See contact.
During the IVF/ICSI cycle appointments are made via the CRG services: the contact centre, the scheduling coordinator and Daily Patient Monitoring (DM). See contact CRG.

Cancellation of an appointment

If you cannot come to an appointment for a consultation or an examination, please let the PGD coordinator know at least a few days in advance, briefly giving the reason.
During your IVF/ICSI treatment your medical appointments are usually made via the DM. Cancellations can also be dealt with via that service.
If you do not turn up without warning or repeatedly for appointments or examinations, UZ Brussel may charge you for this.

Registration in the hospital

Each time you come to UZ Brussel for a consultation or examination, please register first. If you are coming to a consultation as a couple, you must both check in. See Guide for Patients