Latest update: 20/02/2017

The preliminary process

PGD is specifically intended for people who are planning a family.

They are prospective parents – with or without a fertility problem
– who are at increased risk of passing on a hereditary disorder to their children.
Prospective parents who have reduced fertility or are infertile as the result of a genetic problem are obviously eligible for PGD as well.

Travelling for the consultations and during treatment

For Belgian patients at least two hospital visits are scheduled before the treatment can start.
For foreign patients or those living at a long distance we try to keep the travelling to a minimum and schedule a one-stop combined program of consultations. The counselling therefore takes place at the first visit to our clinic. Further appointments are made by telephone or email.
During the first phase of the treatment i.e. the ovarian stimulation you are not required to be in Brussels; monitoring of this part of the treatment can be done while you are at home.
For the egg retrieval and the transfer of the embryo (or embryos) you do have to come into hospital, for a couple of hours each time.