Latest update: 23/05/2017

The preliminary process

PGD is specifically intended for people who are planning a family.

They are prospective parents – with or without a fertility problem
– who are at increased risk of passing on a hereditary disorder to their children.
Prospective parents who have reduced fertility or are infertile as the result of a genetic problem are obviously eligible for PGD as well.

Contact the PGD coordinator

If you want to book a clinic appointment because you are consider-ing PGD treatment, please send an email to
This will be dealt with by the PGD coordinator.
  • In the email please state the full name, date and place of birth and address(es) of both of you and give a short description of the disorder and your medical history. 
  • If you can provide any medical or genetic reports, please enclose copies via email or fax. 
  • Foreign couples are requested to send a copy of both passports.

Once we have sufficient information, we will invite you to the PGD clinic.