Latest update: 10/05/2017

Assisted reproductive treatment (ART) and PGD: ICSI

As soon as the PGD test is ready, you will come again for a consultation with the genetics doctor and the fertility gynaecologist. The latter will prescribe a medically assisted fertilisation treatment (IVF with ICSI, see below).
Then follows the interview with the fertility counsellor, who will go through the prescribed treatment schedule with you.


Scheduling and starting treatment

  • Your PGD treatment can only be included in the clinic’s schedule once the PGD test is ready.
  • You cannot begin a PGD treatment that has not been planned. In other words a date must be set on which you can start taking medication for ovarian stimulation.
  • The starting date is usually fixed during the conversation with the counsellor or the fertility gynaecologist. If that did not happen, then you must arrange the starting date in discussion with the CRG scheduling coordinator. You can find the telephone number on the inside cover of this brochure.
  • You are expected to start on the day arranged, so we can offer you the best treatment. If you miss the start for any reason, the treatment must be postponed and rescheduled.