Latest update: 10/05/2017

Assisted reproductive treatment (ART) and PGD: ICSI

As soon as the PGD test is ready, you will come again for a consultation with the genetics doctor and the fertility gynaecologist. The latter will prescribe a medically assisted fertilisation treatment (IVF with ICSI, see below).
Then follows the interview with the fertility counsellor, who will go through the prescribed treatment schedule with you.


Postnatal follow-up

Since 1984 – directly after the fertility clinic started at UZ Brussel – the Centrum voor Medische Genetica (CMG) has conducted follow-up studies of children who were born from ART treatment at the Centrum voor Reproductieve Geneeskunde.
Today we possess data from more than 15,000 children, which is 95 to 98 percent of all ‘UZ Brussel babies’. This makes our hospital the absolute world leader in this field.
For this study we give you a questionnaire on two occasions, one at the end of the first trimester and one shortly after giving birth.
The follow-up of PGD children consists today of two consultations with a paediatrician:

  • the first when your baby is two months old, 
  • the second around the second birthday.

For you as a PGD patient the postnatal monitoring of your baby and toddler actually forms the closure of your treatment. So we strongly urge our PGD patients to collaborate with this scientific research. You do not necessarily have to come to Brussels; the postnatal tests and the consultations can also be done by your own paediatrician. We do however ask you to send us the results.
Meanwhile you do not have to worry about your privacy: we process all data in complete anonymity.