Latest update: 22/05/2017

Practical details of the PGD treatment

Informed consents

At the start of PGD treatment we ask you to take a number of decisions and to give your consent in writing. This is done via a number of contracts:
  • the consent for PGD;
  • the consent for medically assisted procreation;
  • the decision on what will be done with supernumerary embryos;
  • the consent for scientific research that uses human gametes and embryos;
  • in certain cases: the consent for the use of donor sperm;

At the start of your PGD-cycle you will have discussed the PGD informed consent with the genetic counselor.
The fertility counsellor on the other hand will go through all the informed consents concerning your IVF-ICSI treatment during the preparatory interview.

By signing each contract you (both) declare that you have been extensively informed before the start of the treatment about all medical aspects of the treatment and that that information was sufficient for you to make a well-informed decision.

Any decision can be changed but only in writing. If you signed the original consent form as a couple, you must both sign any changes.