Latest update: 22/05/2017

Assisted reproductive treatment (ART) and PGD: ICSI

As soon as the PGD test is ready, you will come again for a consultation with the genetics doctor and the fertility gynaecologist. The latter will prescribe a medically assisted fertilisation treatment (IVF with ICSI, see below).
Then follows the interview with the fertility counsellor, who will go through the prescribed treatment schedule with you.


The counsellor interview

Once the PGD test has been developed, we will invite you for another appointment. You will see the geneticist and fertility gynaecologist again. However this time there is also an important and lengthy conversation with the PGD counsellor scheduled.
This counsellor will go through the prescribed treatment schedule with you. The legal and practical aspects of the PGD treatment are discussed so that you are sufficiently informed to be able to sign the necessary contracts.
Because of the practical nature of this counselling session, it is best held as near as possible to the treatment itself.

The counsellor (a nurse or midwife) runs over the whole IVF/ICSI treatment with you:
  • practical: planning, starting date, how and with whom to make appointments, the where and when of interventions, how and with whom to communicate during your treatment, what follow-up is provided if you become pregnant, etc.;
  • medical: what happens during your treatment, what medication you have to take (and how), your preparation for egg retrieval and embryo transfer (and what follows?), …;
  • administrative and financial: registration as patient of UZ Brussel, the cost of the treatment, the conditions for reimbursement (for Belgian patients who are eligible for health insurance cover), the contracts that you will have to sign, ...