Latest update: 29/06/2017

Logistic laboratory services

As a professional requiring details of how to submit a sample request and the specific requirements for each test, you go to Guide for Professionals .
Please remember that if you need more information about this you can also contact the laboratory secretaries by telephone.


Quality and biosafety are very important aspects of the services we provide, which is why we have a 'quality assurance' department. This brings together a range of activities carried out by the CMG to study, safeguard, improve and publicise the quality of its patient care.

The quality manager

The CMG quality manager works for all the different CMG departments: laboratory services, the doctors and their teams.
He is responsible for implementing, maintaining and optimising a quality system with highly standardised and efficient working processes. As part of this work the centre received the ISO 15189 quality certificate in 2011. Since this quality standard has been expanded to more than 80% of our laboratory tests.
Meanwhile the patient care quality has been further optimised within the CMG clinic and the complete UZ Brussel university hospital according to JCI standards.
The quality manager is also responsible for biosafety in our laboratories. In 2009 these were fully renovated and equipped with all the technologies that are needed to guarantee biosafety.