Latest update: 29/06/2017

Which genetic analyses can we offer?

Looking for a specific genetic tests?

Are you looking for a specific genetic test based on a disorder or a gene?
Please consult the UZ Brussel Laboratory guide.
Select 'genetics' as sector and look for specific information from there.

The CMG, however, offers a wider range of tests than those we carry out ourselves. For these we work with specialised centres both in Belgium and abroad. For some applications we may develop a new test ourselves.

So please do not hesitate to submit an application if the requested test is not on the list of genetic tests available in the UZ Brussel laboratory guide or in the overview of PGD tests below. If you need more information which is not available on the site, please contact the laboratory secretariat).

Do you want to know which PGD tests the CMG can offer?

Click the tab below or the PGD laboratory for more information on PGD testing.
Below you will also find an overview of monogenic disorders for which the PGD lab has already developed PCR based tests.

Information on PGD testing

A PGD request for a monogenic disorder can only be treated when a pathogenic mutation/locus in the patient and/or his/her partner was identified, and the genetic report is available.
We currently offer two types of PGD tests for monogenic disorders:
  • based on PCR (for the more frequent disorders), or
  • based on SNP array (if no PCR test is available).
See also Which PGD tests can we offer? in the PGD laboratory.

We can offer PGD to most prospective parents based on an existing test - with a short waiting period (see the list).
If an existing PCR test cannot be used or an SNP array is not possible, a new PCR test can be developed. However, this implies a longer work-up waiting period.